Hello dear friends!
first we hope and wish that all your family & friends are alright and will be in the next weeks.
We are facing those days this sad and unexpected situation that is affecting us same as rest of the world.

lötiekids, as a small&family brand, is having also a big impact with this situation, same happens with our dear retailers globally and also the suppliers that we work with here in Barcelona.

We all are taking care of us those days, staying at home, enjoy spending more time with our kids and trying to keep lötiekids running in a slower way.

Our online store is open and working as usual, we will be packing and shipping your orders globally twice a week and we are not facing any delay on the process, so you are more than welcome on ordering as usual.
Our logistics take the highest care and precautions in all the procceses, we are very confident about.

For any question regarding orders and shipments please contact us at info@lotiekids.com

Thanks a lot for been always there.

Take care & stay safe!

lötiekids team