lötiekids was created on a sunny day back in May 2012 in Barcelona.

Our collections are inspired by Nordic natural and comfortable atmosphere combined with our passion for Japanese delicate clean lines and simple shapes, results in a functional yet creative collection to be enjoyed together by you and your kids.

We basically work with comfortable shapes and natural materials as cotton and organic cotton, using only soft and durable qualities, warm brushed materials in winter and light cottons in summer, and paying special attention to respecting the environment and safety of the kids.

Our clothes are 100% made in Barcelona, on a very conscious and familiar industry and we put all our care and effort on achieving the highest quality standards and care for details.
lötiekids uses only ORGANIC COTTON on our garments.

Our producers are commited with sustainability and certified with international standards reducing the consumption of water, energy & polluting emissions that generate a greenhouse effect.

Most of our clothes are unisex, timeless and year-round, as we believe that they can be worn by anyone no matter they are boys or girls, at any season of the year and that never go out of style, as they are designed based on those concepts in which we believe.

Sustainability, slow fashion, conscious clothing are our rules to follow.

Happy and natural kids is our philosophy.

We love what we do!
Welcome to lötiekids.