lötiekids is a new concept of basic and creative baby & children’s clothing created in Barcelona, that can be found mainly at our webshop.

Most of our clothes are unisex, timeless and year-round, as we believe that they can be worn by anyone no matter they are boys or girls, at any season of the year and that never go out of style, as they are designed based on those concepts in which we believe.

Our clothes are created thinking at same time on the kids & parents, so that they are comfortable, fun and playful but also practical, versatile and easy to wear.

lötiekids clothes are created to ensure that kids feel free to move around and play, and that we enjoy watching them with that clothes we would love to wear too!

Our collections are inspired by Nordic natural and comfortable atmosphere combined with our passion for Japanese delicate clean lines and simple shapes, results in a functional yet creative collection to be enjoyed together by you and your kids

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